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by - May 28, 2016

City of Geese - term coined by my wonderful wife, Hayley.  

If you've ever found yourself wondering about in one of Boise's many beautiful parks, you probably have met one of these big birds.  You most likely have ran into one or two or three...hundred.  On more than one occasion, an entire family of geese has stopped traffic in order to cross the road.  Someone told me recently that it's illegal in Idaho to hit a goose with your car on the road but not other animals?  Why not all animals?  Bizarre.  Anywhoos, this is my friend, Gus the Goose.

Our Backyard - Boise Depot

An iconic part of Idaho, the Boise Depot.  How do you photograph something in a unique way that's been photographed a hundred zillion times?  Sometimes you just gotta look up.

Falling House - Just outside of Cascade, Idaho

I'm sure many Idaho adventurers have come across this falling house on their way out of the city, on their way to Cascade, Idaho (among other peaceful Idaho towns).  This falling house is hanging onto it's last legs and I do wonder what has become of it since I took this photo.

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