Art + Photography by Emily Hanigan

A doodle a day keeps the doctor away

by - July 27, 2016

I often don't paint or draw because I overthink it and don't know where to begin.  Why overthink it?  Why care about the why or what behind what I'm making? I'm finally to the point where my whole goal when I make something is to just enjoy my time and find some happiness in the act of creating.  I don't have to worry, will anyone like it?  Will I sell this as a print?  Does it have a profound meaning?  Does it...blah blah blah who gives a shit!  I wanted to so I did.  I enjoyed the colors and the lines and the shapes.  It made me smile while I made it.  It made me smile when I finished it.  Success.  The end.

Cheers to not worrying about the outcome and just enjoying making something.

#thankyouobamaforeverything #voteforhilary

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