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Concrete Planter - Minimalism At Its Best

by - April 25, 2017

I recently started exploring using concrete as a new medium to make planters.  I am shifting towards making what I love, instead of making what I think other people will love.  Finding ways to make objects I'm really interested in, and actually want to expand on them creatively, has been a long yet gratifying journey.  And plants.  I'm obsessed with PLANTS!  So how cool to make objects that will house some of my favorite things?!

My goal was to find a process that doesn't get old and materials that are fun to work with.  Success!

I love the whole process of creating these concrete planters.  (Minus waiting an entire day to take off the mold.  My patience pants are usually dirty during that time).  But I'm using the in-between time to come up with new design ideas for planters, so that's helped the lack of patience. :)

The material itself gets me jazzed too.  Material and a process I get to be part of from start to finish?! Yes please.  Wish I had started making these sooner!  As far as the molds, I look at cardboard and containers in a whole new light!  "Hmmm, how can I use concrete on that?"  Experimenting has been half the fun.  Not to say all of my experiments have turned out great.  There's been a few duds that's for sure.  But what's a few duds when you've found something as fun to work with?

The studio space now has an additional table (photos coming soon of the new studio!) for planter making.  Here I can get as messy as I need while I mix and pour into the variety of molds I've started to collect.  I love geometric shapes too so I'm venturing into those next.  Perhaps even some concrete coasters?  Who knows!  I might just have a concrete party at my house every weekend!  It's such a blast!  Endless options and the skies the limit on this new creative front.

I hope whatever creative journey you're on, you're finding your way.  Don't give up and keep making what you love!

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