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Studio Boise Gallery Show

by - August 03, 2017

I have been meaning to post this for almost a month now.  Woopsy.  Back in early July I had quite a fun evening at Studio Boise Photography Center.

Before I share the deets, I want to say thank you again to Studio Boise for hosting their 2nd annual photo contest! And thank you to all who came out to support me and my photo. :)  Being part of that night made me even more motivated to keep working on my craft.  When people ask what I do, I now always include the phrase, "I'm also an artist."  Oooo that feels good to say.  For some reason it's taken me years to proclaim that, even though I've been taking photographs and making art (mostly for personal enjoyment in the beginning) for ten plus years!
Okay, onto some details of the night..

Studio Boise Photography Center hosted their 2nd annual photography contest on July 8th and also celebrated their 1 year anniversary as a business. (Yay!)  The top photographs were chosen by a panel of three judges and I was lucky to be included in those top photographs.  I was so happy to see everyone who came out to the gallery show's opening night and to support my photograph and enjoy a (free, wee!) glass of wine/beer or two.  Everyone who joined for the gallery opening was given one token to vote for one photograph. The winner would receive a $1k cash prize!  Runner up would receive free studio rental time.  As the night went on and the votes came in, we all chit chatted and drank and admired photographs with the theme," Idaho Places, Idaho Faces." At the end of the night the votes were counted.  I stood among my wife, family and friends and as the owners began to speak into the microphone, I thought, ah geez, that'd be super cool to win, but also just super cool to see all my people in one place rooting me on and to be part of an art community again...and then...runner up announced...and then...the winner was announced and I heard my name. WHAT?!  I kissed my wife and walked up to where the studio owners were standing, all well fashioning the giddiest of grins.  I shook the hands of the wonderful couple who opened Studio Boise's doors one year ago to the day and graciously accepted my prize.  I finally felt like an artist again.

Celebration ensued and hugging of my dear friends and omg moments continued throughout the night and several days after.

I'm just a wee bit giddy.

 City of Geese

"I felt lucky meeting one of Boise's many geese as I strolled through the Boise Depot.  As I slowly approached and lifted my camera, this curious goose walked a few steps closer then paused and looked right at me, posing for the shot.  I walked away that day with a new favorite photo."

 [My photo will be on display and available for purchase through Studio Boise until October 2017. Size: 20x26, floating mount w/wire, ready to hang, $150]. 

Cheers to art.
Cheers to supportive loved ones.
Cheers to community love.
Cheers to getting your make on.


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